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Elsie Herts
#1 Posted : 16 September 2016 10:28:06(UTC)
Elsie Herts

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How is everyone feeling so far, have we all enjoyed summer?

What plans do you all put into place and at what times of the year?

My light box at home is now on most mornings, and I have also started to regularly switch the one on my desk on for some small part of the day too. I have also added vitamin D to my shopping list for this weekend.

A quick update for you, my eldest, who I remember speaking with you all when it appeared she was suffering from SADS for the past three years, got married this year and upon marrying has since announced that she and her other do not (and never have) believed she has SADS, they have decided that it is more of an anxiety and that they wanted to speak with a Dr before labelling her with SADS. A GP (she has never met) has agreed (after one visit) that it isn’t SADS and has suggested it is anxiety and hormonal and has prescribed alternative medication.

Obviously, if she wasn’t to have/doesn’t have SADS, I would be over the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For all us parents on here, not one of us wants our children to experience this and this would please me immensely if this were the case, BUT, a small part of me fears that if she does have it, and is refusing to acknowledge she has it, she may spend too many years SAD, unhappy, dissecting her life/world looking for answers that we, as SADS sufferers know are just not available, all the while not receiving the correct support and/or treatments and this breaks my heart.

I now have no choice but to let her step out and find her own feet. I cannot tell you how difficult this is, with lazy doctoring, an ex-husband who she sees regularly who when married to me refused to even accept SADS was real, and with my own SADS symptoms heightening I can only watch her upset and confusion in her own little world while attempting to cope in my own.
#2 Posted : 16 September 2016 12:07:11(UTC)

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Hiya Elsie! I am so sorry about your daughter's situation. That must be really difficult to deal with because on the one hand you don't want to appear to be 'interfering', but at the same time you desperately want what's best for your daughter. You're also right that people's attitudes towards SAD can be totally dismissive, which makes discussing the whole subject fraught with difficulty. I think in general, people are far more understanding these days about anxiety and depression, but many still regard SAD as a bit of a self-indulgent, wacky diagnosis. I sincerely hope your daughter finds something that helps with her condition and I hope that includes listening to her mum!

So far my SAD symptoms haven't asserted themselves. I have started increasing light box usage a bit after 4.30pm (unusually, I tend to have my light box sessions during the afternoon / early evening). I have a bottle of vitamin D up my sleeve and will probably start using it from mid-October onwards. Apart from that I am spending as much time as possible out of doors. With more time on my hands at the moment (I am currently 'between jobs') I am doing plenty of 4-6 mile walks by the canals and disused railway lines of West Lancs...and loving it!

Hope everyone on here is coping OK at the moment!

#3 Posted : 16 September 2016 23:11:08(UTC)

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Hi, I'm doing OK so far... our summer went into extra time yesterday and I made the most of it, but it will not be long before I dig out the light box and vitamin D.

Elsie, this may sound picky but just in case anyone gets confused or upset, SADS stands for sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. Of course you are referring to Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD. You didn't mention whether your daughter only suffers at certain times of year. If she has been having problems the last few months, it's not likely to be SAD.

My own experience (which agrees with the official NHS line) is that if SAD develops into major depression / anxiety it needs to be treated as such. Depression is a vicious circle of worry, sleeplessness, exhaustion and despair. If it gets that far, it doesn't really matter whether SAD was the root cause or not, it's breaking the vicious circle that matters. I'm lucky I had enough sense left to trust my GPs when it happened to me. Light therapy alone is most certainly NOT the cure for depression or anxiety - NICE recommend CBT and/or antidepressants with good reason, and it would be irresponsible to suggest otherwise. Unfortunately they have millions of case histories to go on, so they're on pretty solid medical ground.

My opinion is that SAD should be taken seriously in its own right because it can cause full-blown depression, though in my case it usually doesn't. I'm a fan of light therapy for the normal symptoms such as lethargy and poor sleep patterns, but anything worse and I'll be straight down to the doctors.
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